What does this snow mean for our gardens?

The snow that fell before the big freeze last week was a life saver for the slightly less hardy plants that you may have in your garden. Snow is a wonderful insulator, keeping the soil isolated from the cold air that often arrives with the departing clouds. Even the eight inches or so that I measured in my yard before the temperature plummeted to zero, provided enough insulation to protect the buried plants from the extreme cold. Last winter when there was very little snow cover, I lost several plants. Of course, it may all melt off next week and then return to zero again. There’s no telling how the winter will turn out, until it’s over. But still, we are through the first zero degree freeze.

For the gardener, this snow really does mean the end of gardening for this season. Anything that was not done is not going to get done now. I did notice though, that the first of the garden catalogs began arriving this week. A few years ago I discovered the website http://www.catalogchoice.org/ where you can request that your name be taken off specific catalog mailing lists. It took a few months to see the effects, but it has definitely worked. Instead of finding 3 or 4 catalogs in the mail box every day, now I only find 3 or 4 a month, and for the most part, they are catalogs that I chose to keep receiving. Most of them, of course, are gardening catalogs. If we can’t be out there digging in the dirt then reading about it is the next best


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