Weather – it’s on a lot of minds now that it’s SO COLD!

ChiloquinNews article, Jan 14th 2013…

Ever wondered what the weather was doing somewhere else, RIGHT NOW. You can see that on the Davis Weatherlink map. To view the map go to  and you will see….


 1)     Enter a location, e.g.  Klamath Falls, click ‘go’ and you will see a close up view of that area.

 2)     Then click on a circle, e.g Home on the Wood, located near Chiloquin. Doing this will pop up a box for that weather station.


3)     Click on the name of the station, and you will see a table of current conditions


4)  Click on the summary tab and it will bring up the final window

5)     On this window you can see a summary for the day. You can change the units to metric with the dropdown box at the bottom of the page.



You can repeat this for any of the weather stations on the map to view the current weather conditions anywhere there is a reporting Davis weather station, worldwide.




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