I was born and raised in Adelaide, Australia at a time when ‘everyone’ knitted, and I learnt at a very young age, taught by my mother. I got my first camera as a teenager. It was black and white and completely manual. My first color camera was also manual, and forced me to learn about things like apertures, depth of field and focusing.
After many years of being intrigued by stained glass, I took a class in 2002 and was immediately hooked. The glass fascinates me. When I see a wonderful piece I have to have it, and take great pleasure in just looking at it and thinking about what I might do with it.

I never considered myself an artist though, and my profession became science. I worked in research labs at the University of Adelaide, Stanford University, and finally at the University of Nevada, Reno, where my last 7 years were spent establishing and managing the Nevada Genomics Center, A DNA sequencing facility.

When I retired and moved to Chiloquin, no one here knew me as a scientist and I was welcomed as an artist. I became a volunteer at Two Rivers Gallery, then a Board member, and now President. 
My inspiration for both art and science comes from all aspects of nature, and there is no shortage of wildlife or beauty here.

My parents were avid gardeners, but my first real chance for a garden came when Dick and I bought a house at South Lake Tahoe, some 25 years ago.
Tahoe is not the best place to learn to garden, but if you can succeed there, then most other places are a piece of cake. Now that I’m at Agency Lake I feel like I’m in a gardening paradise, despite the July and August freezes that sometimes come along, and the winters that last until June.

Spring garden at Agency Lake


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Joan,

    I hope this finds you well.

    I am in K-Falls visiting from Pendleton for the next couple weeks, and am in need of a source of Milkweed to feed some caterpillars which I brought with me.

    I did a Google search, and found a Chiloquin News page from last summer which had a picture you took of a Monarch caterpillar on milkweed.

    Anyway, I’ve been searching on roadsides all over the basin the past couple days with little success….and am running out of leaves. If you can help with some data on places to visit, my caterpillars and I would be very appreciative.

    Kind regards,


    • There are a couple of locations that I know of, and also my garden has some, though the freezing nights we’ve had has knocked back most of the leaves. I’ll drop you an email….

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