Wrapping our minds around weather and climate

ChiloquinNews article Jan 13th, 2014… Weather is one of those things we love to talk about. It fills in awkward gaps in conversation, and there is always something to discuss – whether it’s too hot, cold, wet, dry, humid, grey, foggy, sunny, snowy – and whether we like, hate, love whatever it might be doing…

moss animal in the Wood River Canal, Oregon

Moss Animals

ChiloquinNews article Sep 16th, 2013… This week Richard and I took the canoe out down the Wood River canal out to the river and then down to the new outlet to Agency Lake where we had morning tea on a lovely little beach before heading back against the current, which is now quite swift. Once…

A meadow of tiny sundews, colorful enough to be seen by a satellite.

The fens of Jack Creek

  ChiloquinNews article July 22nd, 2013… This week I was lucky enough to get a tour of some of the fens of Jack Creek. A fen is a type of wetland that is fed by groundwater that is slowly moving through, as opposed to a bog, where the water has been captured and has nowhere…

Wood River wetlands


  ChiloquinNews article, Feb 25th, 2013… Water is everywhere yet it is often not noticed. It comes out of the faucet and disappears down a drain, yet most people could not tell you how it got to the faucet or where it went from the drain. Here in this area we are much more aware…

Getting a New Hip

Getting a new hip  ChiloquinNews article October 5th, 2012   I got a new hip last Tuesday morning and what I realize from having done this is that there is very little real information just about the nuts and bolts of this procedure out there for the prospective ‘hipee’. So here’s rather a long article…


Gelatin is made up of collagen protein which has been broken into smaller pieces (peptides) so that they can be digested easily when eaten. Although gelatin is sometimes referred to as a low quality food protein because it does not contain all the essential amino acids, it does contain an exceptionally high content of two amino acids which play an important part in collagen formation; proline and glycine.

Cashing In on our Buying Habits

One study has estimated that habits, rather than conscious decision-making, shape 45 percent of the choices we make. There are dozens of habits we rely on every day. Some are simple, like automatically putting toothpaste on your toothbrush. Others are so complicated that it’s remarkable to think that a habit could have emerged at all.